Class Placement 2017

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Each spring, staff members complete the complex task of placing students in classes for the upcoming school year. This is an important endeavor and we understand that class placement has an impact on your child’s life at Gales Ferry/Juliet W. Long School during the academic year. Therefore, I want to share the process with you.

During May and early June, your child’s teacher, other teachers in the grade level, literacy teachers, and special education staff will begin the process of assigning students to classrooms for the 2017-2018 school year. Lists are reviewed several times before they are posted in August.  

If you are aware of any extenuating circumstances related to your child’s educational needs of which you feel I should be made aware, please share this in writing with me by Friday, May 5. In making these important decisions, we want to consider all possible relevant information so that placement will be

made to ensure the greatest possible learning for each child. In your letter, you may offer insights into your child to help us with this grouping process. Let me clearly state that parents do not choose specific teachers. You should share information about your child that you feel will help in the grouping process.  Please do not include the name of a specific teacher. Also, please do not approach teachers directly. The teachers must have the freedom to develop lists based on our criteria. In developing lists, we consider the following:

  • An equitable number of children per classroom and a proportional number of students from different academic levels – classrooms are heterogeneously balanced.

  • An overall class “chemistry” which enhances the learning environment. We do not feel it is desirable to create classes that are predominantly male/female, fast/slow, strict/flexible or skewed in any other important human characteristic.

  • Current education data are reviewed to ensure academically equal classes.

Your child’s classroom teacher has a wealth of rich information and insight concerning the conditions in which your child learns best. His/her input plays a critical role in class placement. Parents

should not feel that a letter will result in a perfect match. Your letter does ensure that I review your concerns and take them into consideration when developing the class lists. Letters should be delivered in a sealed envelope addressed to me with “confidential” written on the envelope.

If you are planning to move over the summer, please let the office know as soon as possible so that the secretaries can assist you in completing the proper paperwork necessary to provide a seamless transition. This information is also helpful as we begin to create class lists.


Anne Hogsten